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Very Simple Image Gallery Plugin FAQ & Troubleshooting
Written by Andreas Berger   
Sunday, 27 September 2009 17:48

PROBLEM: Empty page when trying to open a page with gallery

ERROR: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3264 bytes)

PROBLEM: Neither images nor thumbnails get shown (empty frames)

PROBLEM: Only the code {*vsig}folder{/vsig*} is shown - usage in module position



PROBLEM: Empty page when trying to open a page with gallery

If the call of a page with a gallery leads to an empty page, the reason probably is a "Fatal Error", caused by the GD lib, an extension to PHP. To display the error when opening the page, go to your Joomla! backend, navigate to "Site" > "Global Configuration" > "Server" and in the section "Server" increase the level of "Error Reporting" to "Maximum". (Note: In productive use this setting should be revised after fixing the problem!)
If you try to open the page with the gallery now, you will probably see a message such as "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3264 bytes)". The next item of this FAQ deals with this error.


ERROR: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3264 bytes)

If you get this error (amount of bytes will vary) when trying to open a page that contains a gallery, the amount of memory PHP needs to create the images/thumbnails exceeds the set maximum amount of memory a PHP script is allowed to use.
One possible solution would be to increase this amount (on your local test environment) or (on the web server) to ask your hoster if it is possible to enhance your account but - with a probability of 99% - the simple solution is: Smaller images!

This means in the first instance the image dimensions (width/height), not necessarily the image file size. The GD library of PHP needs to read in the image. This requires (as far as I know) about 40 Bit per pixel. This means - e.g. - that creating the image and thumbnail from an original with 800/600 needs at the least 800x600x40bit = 2.23 MegaByte.
For an image of 600/450 the calculation is 600x450x40bit = 1.29 MegaByte ... and so on.

In many cases images get uploaded far to large for web use. A common Joomla! template offers for a gallery in the context of the main content from 600 up to 800 pixel of width at the maximum. Images of this size can be displayed at excellent quality with - depending on the image - 50 up to 100 kilobyte. If you upload your images as they are saved from your digicam, they often come with dimensions up to 3000 or 4000 pixel of width and 3 or 4 megabyte of size.
The disadvantages of such large images are obviously: The upload takes a long time, you need a lot of space on your server and - important - scarcely any visitor is willing to wait for an image of 3 or 4 MB to load. Furthermore scaling an image offline with an appropriate program (e.g.: GIMP) gives you much better results than leaving it up to the visitors browser.

In the best case you scale your images offline to a format that exactly matches the size you are going to display them on your page (if you already fine tuned the gallery) or is a little above this size (above because browsers are still worse in up scaling images than they are in down scaling them).

By the way - doing so, the error disappears too.


PROBLEM: Neither images nor thumbnails get shown (empty frames)

If you get - instead of images and thumbnails - only the ALT-text or just empty frames, please open the configuration panel of the plugin and check the availability of the GD library.

The GD Library, short GD or GDlib, is a program library to dynamically create and manipulate graphics and one of the most widespread extensions of PHP. The Very Simple Image Gallery uses this extension to create the scaled images and thumbnails.
To get more information than the plugins configuration panel offers go to the Joomla! administration interface and open Help > System Info >PHP-Information. On this page search for "gd". In the best case you will find a chapter with the following or similar content:


  • GD Support enabled
  • GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
  • FreeType Support enabled
  • FreeType Linkage with freetype
  • FreeType Version 2.1.9
  • T1Lib Support enabled
  • GIF Read Support enabled
  • GIF Create Support enabled
  • JPG Support enabled
  • PNG Support enabled
  • WBMP Support enabled
  • XBM Support enabled

The first line shows, that the extension is enabled, the second line holds the installed version. The followup lines hold information about available functionality and supported file types. For the Very Simple Image Gallery the file types GIF, JPG and PNG are of importance.
If the GDlib is not activated or these file formats are not supported, you should (on your local test environment) activate it or (on the web server) ask your hoster if it is possible to add this feature. Without the GDlib the Very Simple Image Gallery cannot be used.


PROBLEM: Only the code {*vsig}folder{/vsig*} is shown - usage in module position

If the frontend shows the code - {vsig}folder{/vsig*} (without asterisk) - instead of the gallery, the first thing to do is to check if the plugin is activated. If it is and the problem persists, in most cases you are trying to display the gallery on a module position instead of the context of the main content.
Not all extensions, that offer to display custom content on a module position, are supporting the whole functionality of the Joomla! framework and with it the functions the plugin needs to work properly.
Up till now two extensions are reported to offer the needed functionality:

One is the module "Module: Content with Plugins", listed at extensions.joomla.org under "News Display" > "Articles Embed".
The other is the module "Plugin in Module", listed at extensions.joomla.org under "Core Enhancements" > "Embed & Include".

Please be aware that - even if the plugin works this way - the fact that a module is not an article causes problems if you are going to use multiple instances of the plugin on one page because the plugin will not be able to write unique identifyers for JavaScript and CSS. If you need multiple instances on one page, I would indeed use a gallery, explititely developed as a module.

If you have questions or suggestions, please use the comment-function. Please include the installed Joomla! version and if you have problems - if any possible - the affected page in your comment.

If you need additional features or customizations for your project that exceed the scope of support offered through the comments, you are invited to submit your requirements specification and the planned budget by email (menu item "Contact" in the menu at the top).

If you use this extensions, please post a rating and a review at extensions.joomla.org.

Last Updated on Sunday, 20 March 2011 13:30
Comments (31)
removing the border (image frame)
31 Wednesday, 09 May 2012 15:10


I'm using J! 2.5 and I'm very pleased and grateful for the VSIG.
How can I get rid of the image border (the white frame) or at least to make it black. > jazzclubrestaurant.com.mk/index.php/en/gallery

All the best,

Strange behaviour
30 Tuesday, 08 May 2012 18:04


for reasons unknown, the gallery doesn't work on some pages, for example:

Strange is, if you call images one by one, they're actually there:

Could you please help me? Thank you!

Wednesday, 09 May 2012 20:45
A. Berger

Hi Neg!

Just replace the file type "jpeg" with "jpg". ;)

Best regards

Problem with Undefined property: stdClass::$id in /home/formola/public_html/plugins/content/vsig.php on line 219 PDFAusdruckenE-Mail
29 Saturday, 05 May 2012 20:46

Hello you all

Maybe anyone can help me on this.
Got Joomla 1.5 and the VSIG Plugin.

I'm trying to get the Plugin working in Virtuemart 1.1. The plugin works great, but I get an error message on the screen of the produkcts:
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$id in /home/formola/public_html/plugins/content/vsig.php on line 219
I understand that there have to be a definition of something. But at this point my PHP Knowledge ends..
Can anyone help me to get this error message out?
The code is:
//create a unique identifier for the current gallery

Best regards

Sunday, 06 May 2012 20:42
A. Berger

Hi Arco!

The problem is caused by the fact, that the Joomla!1.5-version of the plugin relies on the articleID, provided by Joomla! in the context of an article - but obviously not in the context of VirtueMart.

Best regards

Error while adding images
28 Monday, 30 April 2012 12:22


First I want to thank you for the great Plug-In you're providing!
I installed vsig 1.6.6 with my Joolma! 2.5. The site was first made on a local webserver and then transferred to the webserver. Everything worked well, all galleries displayed the images properly. The problem arises when I want to add/change an image on the webserver. If I add an image I get the following error:
- Warning: file_put_contents(/home/www/web253/html/images/moebel/sideboard_charlie/vsig_images/FLB20120111_016_290_435_90.jpg) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/www/web253/html/libraries/joomla/filesystem/file.php on line 418 -

When I check the vsig_images/vsig_thumbs folders no images/thumbs are generated. I am terribily sorry for this dumb question, but I am not very advanced at this.

Thanks a lot in advance and have a great one!

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:54
A. Berger

Hi Chris!

Please check the directory/file-permissions of the folder that contains the images, it's subfolders and the images (folders 755, images 644).
If this does not solve the problem, you could try to configure and activate the Joomla! FTP-layer (check this posting at forum.joomla.org for further information on the configuration).
If the problem still persists - maybe this helps: http://docs.joomla.org/Why_can't_you_install_any_extensions%3F

Best regards

I fail
27 Tuesday, 17 April 2012 23:49

Hello, I think your plugin is exactly what I'm looking for, but cannot get it to find my folder.

I get the error message:
Very Simple Image Gallery:
Could not find folder /home1/pfanner2/public_html/images/vendors/
The vendors folder is there, and I can directly link to the images in them. I also checked the permissions and they are correct as well. Any other ideas?

Thank you so much for your time.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 20:36
A. Berger

Hi Jim!

Open the article, switch to HTML-view and check if the code is fragmented with HTML-tags. If so - remove them.
If this is not the reason, please provide a link to the page, I will have a look at it.

Best regards

Plugin Paramaters No Visible
26 Sunday, 08 April 2012 23:21


I just installed VSIG on my Joomla 2.5.4. (I had it installed on Joomla 1.5 previously, I used JUpgrade to move to 2.5.4). In the Plugin Manager for VSIG I do not see any Paramaters in the right hand side of the window. The right hand side of the window is completely blank. I checked in the latest versions of both Safari and Firefox.

If you have any ideas on how to resolve this let me know!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 08:18

Hello Andreas,

You were right about that! I uninstalled the old version and reinstalled the new one and that fixed it!

Thank you!

Monday, 09 April 2012 14:46
A. Berger

Hi Damien!

Maybe the plugin is still there from your Joomla!1.5 installation. Uninstall it and install version 1.6.6 for Joomla!2.5.

Best regards

25 Thursday, 05 April 2012 12:13


For some reason I'm battling to use the very simple image gallery.  I'm using Joomla 2.5 and the "very simple image slideshow' works perfectly fine, but when i try to do the image gallery on the page article (with or without the slideshow) I get the following on my page:

JFolder::create: Could not create directory
JFolder::create: Could not create directory

etc, for each image.
It baffles me as the slideshow works fine, which means the folder is called correctly etc.

Thank you!

Thursday, 05 April 2012 20:57
A. Berger

Hi Loraine!

The "Simple Pictur Slideshow" works with the original image files, it creates neither scaled images nor thumbnails, therefore - no error.
The error tells you, that Joomla! is not able to create the subdirectories for scaled images and thumbnails. Please check the directory settings of the folder that contains the images. They should be 755 for the folder and 644 for the files.

Best regards

Simple Photo Gallery with Categories
24 Friday, 16 December 2011 02:30

Hi Andreas,

I like Simple Photo Gallery because it is really simple to use.
I have a question. How can I create a photo gallery with several categories and a main page with the index to these categories?
For example you click on the menu "Simple Photo Gallery", it displays a page with some thumbnails. Every  thumbnail is linked to a different photo gallery, for example a photo gallery for cars, another one for people, a third one for plants and so on.


Monday, 19 December 2011 21:49
A. Berger

Hi Farhang!

The puropse of a content plugin is to modify your content (in this case, to replace the code with the gallery). What you are looking for is rather a gallery component than a gallery plugin.
Maybe you want to check the category Photos & Images at extensions.joomla.org, it lists a lot of them. :)

Best regards

Page is still empty when trying to open a page with gallery
23 Friday, 09 December 2011 21:10

The "Set" and "back/forward" links display, but nothing else -- not even frames for the images. In the Media Manager, under vsig_images and vsig_thumbs, all the files there are broken images. That is, there are files with the right filenames, but they are empty and appear blank.

I tried to follow your first FAQ response, and removed all but two images sized 800x600. I deleted all the old thumbnails and plugin-generated images. But, I still have the same problem.
I put the site in debug mode, but no error was reported.

Any advice? Thanks!

Sunday, 11 December 2011 20:13
A. Berger

Hi Kristin!

Please provide a link to the page, I will have a look at it.
In addition, please check the configuration panel of the plugin - is the GD-Library available on your server?

Best regards

Background color
22 Wednesday, 07 December 2011 14:49


I can't seem to change the background color of the block. It's now displayed in a huge white box which is really ugly.

If I change the .div.rt.article.bg { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;} to the desired color, nothing changes.  Any advise?

Thursday, 08 December 2011 08:26
A. Berger

Hi P76!

Have a look at the stylesheet of the plugin at /plugins/content/plugin_vsig/vsig.css (Joomla!1.5). It allows to modify every single part of the gallery.

Best regards

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