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Joomla: Weblinks with Thumbshots
Written by Andreas Berger   
Friday, 09 April 2010 12:52

The bretteleben.de "Weblinks with Thumbshots" component for Joomla! 1.5 modifys the default Joomla! component "Weblinks" and replaces the default icons with thumbshots (preview images) of the linked website. The link to your thumbshot provider is set in the backend of the default "Weblinks" component.

Why a core hack instead of a separate component? The modification concerns only 3 files of the original component and this is - in my opinion - no reason to reinvent the complete component. In addition - this way allows to go on using the already existent links and takes just a few clicks to install/uninstall.


- replaces the icons of the weblinks with thumbshots
- free to choose thumbshot provider

Installation and Usage

The component gets installed via the Joomla! backend and accessed via the menu item Components > Weblinks with Thumbshots.
The interface of the component offers just 1 option at a time:

  • enable
    (if the component is disabled)
    Enabling the component makes a backup of the concerned original files and than replaces them with the midified ones. In addition the parameters plus default values get saved to the database.
  • disable
    (if the component is enabled)
    Disabling the component rereplaces the modified files with the original ones.

As soon as the component is enabled tha configuration panel (Link: Parameters) of the default component "Weblinks" (Joomla! Backend > Components > Weblinks) contains two additional parameters. The first one is the link to your thumbshot provider (thumbshots.com, websnapr, ...), the second the width of the thumbshots. The part "#URL#" has to be present in any case, it gets replaced by the component with the URL of the current weblinks.

A step by step tutorial will follow soon.


A sample of the component in action: Links > AdNetworks


This is the first version of the component, bugs are possible/likely, bugreports and suggestions highly welcome.


The default Joomla! component "Weblinks" has to be installed and activated.


Tested Joomla! versions:

  • 1.5.15
  • 1.5.14 - thanks to Orazio for reporting

Successfully tested thumbshot providers:

  • thumbshots.com
  • websnapr.com - 20110223: new code does not allow to use this service
  • fadeout.de
  • thumbalizr.com
  • snapcasa.com
  • picoshot.com
  • bitpixels.com
  • thumber.de
  • websnapr.com
  • snapr.seekxl.de
  • thumbnails.iwebtool.com
  • shrinktheweb.com
    Sample for the parameter "Thumbshot URL" using ShrinkTheWeb:
    Replace "YOURACCESSCODE" with the respective Code
    Thanks to Chris Iles for his report!

Additional tests will follow, reports (works/doesn't) are highly welcome!


The component is licensed under the GNU Public License (www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html).

update Version: 1.0.0


If you have questions or suggestions, please use the comment-function.

If you use this extensions, please post a rating and a review at extensions.joomla.org. Furthermore I appreciate everyone, supporting me by including www.bretteleben.de in his/her weblink repository. The layout of the component comes intentionally without a mandatory link.

If you need additional features or customizations for your project that exceed the scope of support offered through the comments, you are invited to submit your requirements specification and the planned budget by email (menu item "Contact" in the menu at the top).


The ZIP-archive contains the component, by downloading it you agree to the terms of the GNU Public License.

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